• Complex advertisement on a product, more than one scene

    Advertise multiple scenes! Ask for a tailored quotation. We will draw a communication proposal and we will create an element specifically thought for the point of sale.


  • Complex advertisement on a product, a single scene

    In a single scene, we will concentrate all you want to say on your products and their advantages!


  • Advertisement of a single product

    Creativity to improve your sales!

    If you want us to add a slogan to the image of your product, that is, a creative idea, we can also do that in a specific and excellent way.


  • Template specifies

    Designed for you!

    If you want something adapted to your products, we create a base to present them easily and surprisingly.


  • 1 product on neuter background

    Following the style of your communication, we integrate a product and a background in this production, fast and simple!


  • 1 product on standard background

    A sale impulse direct and economical. And quickly produced!



Contents designed for the point of sale

Your message in the specific format for the point of sale

You want better results for your business: at the point of sale it is essential to awake the interest that makes the sale possible, as well as tell who you are, the values represented by your brand or the qualities of your product.

At VISIONAD we are extra careful with the quality of the contents that our solutions feature for the likely buyers, since the dynamics offered by the equipment must be made the most of in order to communicate your message in a brilliant and suitable way to your objectives.

The quickest path to success lies on the equilibrium of the services we prepare for our customers, as well as offering a strategy of continuous communication that uses the hardware invested in, enabling an effective communication at the point of sale.


Features of our contents:

Contents at a dynamic point of sale may vary and have different objectives, but they must follow their logic: the key to success lies on the fact that some basic principles must be respected, and that the messages must be:

  • STUNNING: calling the attention of a likely buyer.
  • DIRECT: communicating on eye contact
  • ATTRACTIVE: attracting the buyer to the product
  • ENCHANTING: enhancing the sale impulse
  • CONSISTENT: closing the interest circle created in other channels, if they have been used


Investment return

What is most important is that the initial investment on the dynamic display, turn into benefits for your business constantly. The only way to achieve this is preparing a communication planning for your point(s) of sale.

At VISIONAD we know how to create the contents, we are communication consultants and we know how to advise you on your planning: we analyse your needs with you and make coherent proposals for the results you expect.