• Complex advertisement on a product, more than one scene

    Advertise multiple scenes! Ask for a tailored quotation. We will draw a communication proposal and we will create an element specifically thought for the point of sale.


  • Complex advertisement on a product, a single scene

    In a single scene, we will concentrate all you want to say on your products and their advantages!


  • Advertisement of a single product

    Creativity to improve your sales!

    If you want us to add a slogan to the image of your product, that is, a creative idea, we can also do that in a specific and excellent way.


  • Template specifies

    Designed for you!

    If you want something adapted to your products, we create a base to present them easily and surprisingly.


  • 1 product on neuter background

    Following the style of your communication, we integrate a product and a background in this production, fast and simple!


  • 1 product on standard background

    A sale impulse direct and economical. And quickly produced!



Contents designed for the point of sale

Content types:

We offer you a classification of several types of contents according to their purpose and use at the point of sale:

Call the attention+ Call to action:

Call the attention+ Call to action:
We consider this type of content the most interesting one. It is meant to accomplish the values of communication at the Point of Sale formerly highlighted.

Product patterns

Product features. Complementary of the other formats and ideal for touchscreens.

Info advice

Usage advice, product features, etc. “Teleshop” style, thought for places where customers stay for a certain time, such as waiting rooms or counters where there is usually a queue.

Shopping guide

Related products, with the same use as the former but making the buyer circulate to other products of the same brand. Perfect for touchscreens.

Extended catalogue

Perfect solution for showing the range of products, new launches, etc. Only for places where the user stays for a while, and for touchscreens.

Moods- Added value channel

Documentaries, media information formats related to long waits in front of a screen.

TV-Classical advertising

Audiovisual material such as commercials, info-commercials, reports and documentaries related to the brand and the product may also be shown here. Actually, though with exceptions, these are not very efficient, or even inefficient, since they are too long and not focused on purchase.

They might close the communicative circle of other media at the point of sale, but it is usually more efficient to create a specific format, specifically thought for it, and related to the campaign.