65% of sales are impulse sales.

Advertising through dynamic solutions allows you to increase customers and clients:

  • By advertising your brands or suppliers’ products
  • Informative advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Information free of space

Dynamic advertising at the point of sale are powerful means to get the attention of your customers:

  • 7 times more attention than with panels and printed posters. (1)
  • 42% average increase in sales. (2)
  • 162% in sales of some products. (3)
  • 89% of consumers are in favour of dynamic advertising. (4)
  • 24% of supplementary sales are through dynamic advertising campaigns in the point of sale. (5)
  • 75% of visitors perceive dynamic advertising more than a 44% of non-dynamic advertising. (6)
  • A study by POPAI (Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute) carried out in 220 supermarkets in 22 towns in the USA showed an increase in sales between 2% and 65% compared to the sales associated to the use of non-dynamic advertising means in the point of sale.
  • At Virgin stores, traffic in the areas where dynamic advertising was placed increased in 35%, and sales increased in 50% on the same areas. (7)
Leverages your bussines Branding